Implementation of AML system at Unibank, Macedonia

Synergy GFS has successfully completed the implementation project for Anti Money Laundering solution (AML) at Universal Investment Bank AD, Macedonia (Unibank). The AML solution covers all requirements of the Macedonian legislation and National Bank of Republic Macedonia (NBRM), as follows:

  • Customer due diligence and risk profiling – measuring the associated risk with the customer based on customer’s profile, transactional history, behavioural patterns and type of the initiated transaction;
  • Watch-list filtering – prevention or reporting of transaction by high risk customers from predefined lists;
  • Suspicious activity monitoring and reporting – detection models applied in real time or subsequently on cash and cash equivalent transactions, fund transfers, securities trading orders and loan facilities applications;
  • Currency Transaction Reports processing – generation, safekeeping and failing of CRT reports directly to the monitoring agency.